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Software Development - We provide a tailor-made software solution for your brand.

The whole Modus Operandi involved in the coding and decoding to create user-friendly software, basically we act little artisans to build Web Portals, App Portals, Mac Apps, Windows Apps, and whatnot. Zeiq also provides a platform for software consulting to develop custom web and mobile solutions. Designing, planning, programming, testing, bug fixing & more, one-stop-shop for all your software requisite.

Web Development

Web development is booming and covering almost every aspect, from a home-based potter to a multi-billionaire company everybody is on the web and this needs newer improved technologies and applications.

Web in abundance

Web development is a continuous process of jotting codes and entering sequences. Developing for the web means coding web pages you browse, the range and diversity in complexity varies from simple code to dozens of interconnected files.

Mobile Development

Mobile development, in essence, means app development. It involves creating applications compatible with iPhone, Android devices, and windows. The traditional programming language is used for development.

The versatile sphere of mobile development

The adaptable development for mobile has led a path that allows anything from a mobile phone game to creating applications like zoom uncomplicated.

Providing high-performance apps that run smoothly on that device, these are designed using a wide range of programming languages supported by a particular operating system.

Type of app and tools:

Application Development

The process through which an app is developed for traditional systems is Application Development. Zeiq takes care of every step involved and tailor fit the app according to your brand and user engagement.

Developmental Methodology

This is a standard programming technique used to build applications that perform on mainstream desktop operating systems such as Windows, Mac, or Linus. Zeiq provides a set of programs that assist the day to day functionalities of the user.

Steps involved:

  • Gathering information

  • Designing prototype

  • Testing

  • Implementing and Integration

We deliver beautiful applications that run unstoppably.

Back end Development

This gives a clear picture of how the site works. The code written communicates the database information to the browser.

Behind the scenes

Backen development powers the web, it handles all that goes behind the building and coding of sites. Simply it refers to server-side development.

It consists of three parts:

  • A server

  • An application

  • A database

Zeiq writes the web services and API’s so as to build user-oriented websites and applications.

Some of the languages in which Zeiq is fluent with Java, PHP, Ruby on Rails, Python forms the main framework of the development


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