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Digital Marketing - We create and maintain your online presence.

As a business owner, if you haven’t explored the online sphere, you are depriving your product/services to a whole set of potential audiences and viable platforms which is suitable for businesses to flourish. Zeiq comes into the scene right this moment when you decide to take your brand to the next level of digital marketing and social media marketing. A whole new era of possibility opens when you enter the online world.


Marketing is not a one size-fits-all. We get to understand your business, your industry, and who you are against before we move on to crafting a relevant strategy

Craft Strategy

Marketing tactics without a solid airtight strategy are just a hit and miss and are a waste of resources.We therefore craft a strategy to capture your target customers' attention, at the right media and with the right message in order for them to take action.


After the strategy, we then move forward to implement the tactics needed to get the results. These can range from Google PPC, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Retargeting, social media ads, affiliate marketing and others in our toolbox.


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