Design thinking

Graphic Design

Visually communicating to your audience is a significant aspect for a brand to grow. Crafting an impeccable image of your business that it won't go unnoticed.

Join the Design Culture

Zeiq has a dedicated zone for creativity and originality. The designs we produce speaks for your brand and make your brand more visible on the social planet.

We specialize in

  • Brand Identity

  • Marketing & Advertising Graphics

  • Print Media

  • UI Graphic Design

  • Publication Graphic Design

The visual element acts as the face of your brand to communicate those intangible qualities through image, shape, and color.

Design Strategy

The right amount of salt renders food taste just like that an accurate approach to design adds the oomph factor that your brand needs. Not only this Zeiq gives you the whole experience of how your brand will work, feel, and be even before it is actualized.

The artist’s impression Strategy played along with the design is well served with innovation. Design is all about colors, images, and visual concepts and when the strategy is integrated, it envisions the future, crafting the ideal solutions to answer what it should look like?

A design strategy is an interplay between design, business, and technology. At Zeiq, we imagine the new possibilities and turn those ideas into reality.

An ideal design strategy always keeps these effects into consideration:

  • Defining the product/service beforehand

  • Providing a USP that makes product/service success in the market

  • Help you understand and decide what your design should look like

  • Guide the complete development process

  • Make design decisions aligning to the requirements

  • Incorporate various disciplines into the design process

Zeiq provides it all and forms the perfect blend of design and set of tactics you always need by your side whenever taking your business online.


The scaled-down version of a specific product or service which can be shared and run for testing the initial response of the audience is a prototype. It is an integral part of the design.

How real users think, behave and engage

Zeiq and its efficient team of designers with vision will produce an inexpensive model for your brand beforehand to investigate problem solutions generated in previous stages.

This is more like an experimental prototype to find flaws and provide the best possible solutions for the same.

By the end of this phase, you as well as the design team will have a better vision on the schematics to integrate into the site or app design.

Most of all it gives a clear idea about how the user will interact with the final product.

Here Is The

Work Process


We analyze your business and search an idea


We plan the strategy and tactics based on idea


Now we start working on developing that idea


And now your product is ready for release