Why Nextjs is good for building ECommerce Sites?

Three months ago when I first visit Zeiq, I was like a blank paper who knows nothing about Web development. I am on my Intern here where I came to know about HTML, CSS, React, Nextjs etc. This makes me so curious and excited to work with these frameworks. I have observed Developers dealing with Nextjs for Web applications and Static Websites. I can’t stop myself from writing my very first blog when I see the developers making use of Nextjs for eCommerce like websites.

Developers generally favor frameworks that give fun and excitements in using them. Even the developers like me who are new to this world of the frontend can get it so quickly. All my senior developers have shared their experience of using this framework in making eCommerce like sites with me.

Let me share with you-

  • With Nextjs, we have the flexibility to render data from server-side and client-side. This helps to serve the client with a much better user experience.

  • It allows developers to update existing pages by re-rendering them in the background as traffic comes in. This way static data can become dynamic.

  • One of the most drawbacks of client side rendering is poor SEO. Nextjs solves this problem.

  • It is very fast and SEO friendly which is essential to any ecommerce business.

  • No need to configure any URL for Routing.

  • Image Optimization is very good (loaded by default) which helps any developer in making ecommerce sites.

  • Nextjs server detects modified files and reloads them automatically.

    So These are their experiences and my keen observation of using Nextjs for eCommerce Websites. Now I must say that Nextjs is really great for making eCommerce Websites nowadays.

    As My Boss has shared one of his experience using Gatsby for ecommerce sites You can view it - Here

I am also sharing github repository Here it is

I also hope I will share my experiences of using Nextjs with you all very soon. I hope that you liked my very first article and enjoyed my experience.

Thank you for Reading!

Stay Safe.