What's so great about React Web Development?

Today there are numerous libraries or frameworks present in the market but choosing the right technology is a big puzzle in web development. Being the most popular and most used tool, React can be considered as the right technology nowadays. If you are new to React.js, you must be wondering why it is so popular and great and why you should use it in your applications. Here I will try to fix these queries so that developers like you and me can really get this React library.

Firstly let's have some talk about React. React is the number one front-end library worldwide. It is an open-source javascript library that is used for building UIs. It was developed in 2012 by Jordan Walke, a software engineer who worked for Facebook. React allows developers to generate large web applications that can change data, without reloading the page. React.js is easier and flexible.

Some of the Top reasons of using React Web Development Nowadays are ~

  • React.js is easy to learn and understand for developers and freshers too because it only needs to have a basic knowledge of HTML and CSS which anybody can get if tries.

  • In the developer's point of view, Speed and Performance matters the most for using any framework.

    • you can make use of individual parts of the application on both the client-side and the server-side. This ultimately increases the speed of web development.

    • Virtual DOMs is mainly responsible for increasing the performance of web development.

  • Reusability of components and tools make developers work easily and lovingly. It saves your time to write the same code again and again.

  • You can use and learn React if you have some basics of javascript. But yes you can still learn react if you don't have knowledge about javascript.

  • Most important If you think that React is only dealing with web development then let me tell you that it can work on mobile native applications for Android & iOS platforms.

It is the most liked web framework which is being used by more and more websites and apart from that your very famous social media and entertainment platforms like Netflix, Facebook, Instagram and many more have already started using it.

  • It allows Facebook notifications, comments and posts reactions to be displayed in real-time without reloading the page.

  • Instagram's web version is totally based on the React library. For Example, Whenever you go for hashtags and photos around any given location, you probably shift to the search result very quickly.

  • Netflix is also making use of React which results in improving startup speed, performance, modularity and many more.

Hope, I have cleared almost all your queries on React Web Development and the popularity it is gaining day by day. So presently, It is the best Technology or Tool which is being massively used by so many companies. Like various companies that are dealing with React.js, Zeiq is too utilising it. Zeiq has been working on React-based tools like Gatsby and Nextjs . Let me tell you that we have shared our experiences on Gatsby and Next.js too. Feel Free to visit reading anytime.

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