Top Node.js Frameworks to Use in 2021

This Industry is all about Frameworks and Frameworks!! And I think, being a web developer, you should do friendship with these pretty frameworks out there. Here, I am talking about various frameworks that made development easy for us. Like - Reactjs, ReactNative, Vue, Nextjs, Gatsby and Nodejs.

Today, This is the blog for Nodejs frameworks.

When it comes to building web applications, one cannot simply ignore the existence of Node.js. Node.js is open-source with a cross-platform JavaScript runtime environment. It is a modern tool for almost any kind of project! The cross-platform environment supports developers to use JavaScript coding outside of a web browsing space, which means, can be run within the Node.js runtime on OS X, Microsoft Windows, and Linux. It allows you easily develop fast and scalable web apps. It is described as an incredibly customizable and scalable technology.

So, This was just the definition of Nodejs that what it is??

You should be familiar with like the benefits, popularity and speciality before going into the different Nodejs frameworks.

The Popularity of Node.js

  • According to the Statista report, 51.4% of developers have used Node.js, leaving out all the other frameworks in early 2020. Additionally, StackOverflow Developer Survey 2019 places the runtime environment in the Top position.

  • 43% of Node.js developers practice this framework in creating enterprise applications.

  • Paypal marked a striking 35% loss in average response time after shifting to Node.js.

  • Node.js reduces app development costs by 58%.

  • Node.js is the 8th most used server-side programming language.

  • More than 55,682 stars on GitHub can be seen.

  • According to the W3Techs survey report, Node.js is holding a top market position compared to all other web servers.

Benefits of Node.js Frameworks

  • Easy Scalability

  • Large and Active Community

  • Quick Learning Curve

  • The benefit of Fullstack JavaScript

  • Single Programming Language

  • High Performance

What makes Node.js so special?

  • It has a clean and short codebase.

  • It offers a lot to the developers.

  • Its vast ecosystem provides open-source libraries.

  • It can be practised for developing enterprise-scalable applications faster.

  • It is based on one of the most used programming languages — JavaScript.

Top Node.js Frameworks to Use in 2021

Node.js is a low-level platform. For making things a little bit easier, thousands of libraries were built upon Node.js by the community.

Here is a list of the ones worth learning:

  • AdonisJS

AdonisJS is one of the fastest Node.js MVC frameworks that can run on all operating systems. It gives a steady ecosystem for writing server-side web applications for the business requirements like finalizing which package to choose or exclude. Laravel Developers who want a taste change can go for it. Adonis can be used for building a web app. It is used in APIs(Application Programming Interface servers) also.

Dotgroup, DORMshed, Nina, Zelo, FindUp uses Adonisjs.

  • Express

Express is a flexible and minimal Node.js application framework. The most simple ways of creating a web server can be done using this framework. Its minimalist approach, unopinionated, focused on the core features of a server, is key to its success. Developers have full freedom to experiment as they want.

Single Page Applications, multiple pages applications and hybrid applications can be developed with the help of Express.js. This framework lets developers build RESTful APIs faster.

FindHotel, Omnipresent, TheDoe, SiHub etc use this framework.

  • hapi

One of the simplest, secure, social media and reliable frameworks that many developers trust is Hapi. It is the top Node.js framework for developing JSON API. It allows developers to concentrate on writing reusable application logic rather than spending time building infrastructure. Hapi can be used for websites, HTTP proxy applications and APIs. Mostly, Mobile app developers favour Hapi.js in creating proxies and API servers. Commercetools, Main Stack Beam, Taggun and Artifakt uses this framework.

  • koa

koa is another open-source Node web framework created by the same creators of Express.js, which aims to be even simpler and smaller, building a robust platform for web applications and APIs. There are various methods provided by Koa to fasten the making of serves. It can be used for both frontend and backend systems.

Koa.js is best used for creating a server, routes, handling responses, and handling errors.

Paralect, LetzChange, BrainHub and Bulb uses this framework.

  • Meteor

It is an open-source full-stack JavaScript and the most straightforward platform where JavaScript runs at different places for different purposes. JavaScript runs inside a web browser, then it runs on the Meteor server inside a Node.js container and supports HTML fragments, static assets, and CSS rules. Meteor can be used for full productions of Mobile and Web Apps. Accenture, NetApp, Rocket, Chat, Esri and NordStorm uses Meteor.

  • is used for establishing real-time communication between clients and servers. package should be installed in both server and clients that allows data to be shared in millions of forms. It usually consists of JavaScript Server and JavaScript client library. Anyone can use it who wants to add ‘real-time analysis’ functionality in their app. also is useful for ‘real-time’ gaming apps where we use socket bundles instead of using HTTP or HTTPS protocols. Alibaba Travels, Patreon, Trello, Justmop and Plaid uses Socket.

  • NestJS

The Server-Side App framework that is crafted for supporting developer’s productivity and make their lives easier is the NestJS Framework. Developers generally use this framework to structure their code in a much-organized manner. WE can use this node.js framework for Writing clearer and reusable code, for Writing codes with higher-level constructs like interceptors, filters, pipes and also for Writing scalable, testable and loosely packed applications.

Roche, Adidas, Decathlon and Capgemini uses Nest.js.

There are many other new frameworks available out there. Different Frameworks help your project in different stages as in results make developing apps exceptionally secure. Have a Happy Reding! Thankyou!!