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So, As I said in my earlier blog It was my first visit to Zeiq Company a few months back. I really enjoyed working every single day there since I am working with Zeiq. I am sure that you must think that how can someone enjoy while working for hours but yes you can really have fun while working with Zeiq. It all depends upon Company’s Culture and Our Company is having a fantastic environment that I have never seen before. Being a member of the Zeiq Family This is my second article with you describing Our Culture.

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When I say Culture it simply means a shared way of doing something with a passion. The journey from a good company to a great company depends on the Culture of the Company. Culture to an Organization is like oxygen to Human beings. We are having a friendly and Comfortable Environment that anybody can adapt to easily. Our employees are free to work as they want to do. They are provided with the freedom that seriously no one else can provide. There is no time restriction for the Workers. The company wants 6-7 hours of work. That means you can come anytime managing your 6 hours a day for the office.

Workspace Culture

Apart from these Comfort Facilities Zeiq provides a Cooperative environment among the employees. Our CEO Perminder Klair made very interesting rules including a 30 minutes session for helping each other and weekly group therapy where everyone sits in a circle having a drink in hand and shares some talkative talks with all. Isn't this seems very nice? This basically enhances the Communication Skills in one way and good behaviour towards others in another way.

One of the most important things I have observed which makes me happy but surprised too. That is Equality. Yes, We have democracy, we have equality in each field, but there can be no equality between Boss and Employee if we see. An employee can never be considered equal to a Boss. But our company is not having anything like Boss and Employee. This is just because our Boss never considers himself upper than us. He always says that we all are the same and we all are the workers. I personally give all the credit for this wonderful culture to our sir Mr Perminder Klair. And Yes This makes our culture - The Best Culture of the Company.

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