How our tech stack helps Smarthome Devices to maximize their customers's sales

We understand how important it is for the customers to get the right products delivered with the right quality at the right time, which is why we work hard every day to ensure that our projects are among the best in the business.

Here, Today we will talk about one of our best eCommerce Websites i.e Smarthome Devices and how it stands out in a crowded market. We've been working with the client for the last year on redesigning their website, so they can grow their business, reach more customers and increase their sales.

Smarthome Devices website is built on an entirely different platform that uses the latest technologies. It features a payment system integration, an integration with Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics, an integration with Algolia for search engine optimization, and a lot more to help you promote your product most effectively.

Some of the good points that made our tech stack helps Smarthome Devices to maximize their customers's sales

  • Easy to navigate:

    Website is built on the principle that product pages should be clear and simple so that customers can easily find what they are looking for. It uses intuitive controls and intuitive navigation to help customers make easy purchases.

  • Fast & reliable performance:

    This site is built to provide quick and reliable performance for customers, which can help reduce shopping cart abandonment and increase conversions from a website.

  • Payment Integration:

    Our tech stack enables us to provide our customers with a complete shipping solution. Our platform allows integration with payment gateways and shipping providers and stock fulfilment from eCommerce websites. The ease of just adding the product to their shopping cart, and a few clicks later, their order would be shipped within 24 hours to destinations across the globe.

  • Data Analysis:

    We are here committed to delivering the highest possible experience to customers. As part of that commitment, we have spent the last three years developing a tech stack built on the ethos of continuous improvement. That includes the use of data analytics and reporting tools to track customer behaviour and identify opportunities for improvement.

  • Integration with marketing and advertising tools:

    With Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics installed, we can track different events that might occur on your site. We can also manage key performance indicators and run testing on the Content Management System (CMS).

  • Algolia Integration:

    With Algolia, we ensure accurate search results. Algolia periodically crawls the products and attributes data for indexing and then automatically updates the search indexes as ratings, reviews, information, or images are changed or added to your product catalogue.

Algolia connects to the inventory database, keeping it up-to-date automatically with every change you make. Using the Algolia API, one can quickly build new apps with great search and results pages.

  • Mobile optimization:

    With more and more customers using their smartphones to shop online, an eCommerce brand's tech stack needs to be optimised for mobile. It can include a responsive website design and mobile app that provides a seamless shopping experience on smaller screens.

  • ChatBot System:

    We provide good customer support and other integrations like live chat (Crisp Chat), email and social media integration.

  • Inventory and fulfilment:

    When you're selling products online, it's important to be able to optimize your inventory and sales pipeline. Our eCommerce brand's tech stack can include tools for managing inventory, tracking orders, and many more.

  • Fraud prevention:

    Our good tech stack can include tools for detecting and preventing fraudulent activity, helping to protect both the eCommerce brand and its customers.

Our team has spent years building our expertise and tech stack to help your business run as smoothly as possible. From payment integrations to analytics, we have got you covered.

Have a Good Day, Readers! Thank you!!