Bulma- The modern CSS framework

Today everyone is familiar with HTML and CSS, the foundation of our web development. When I started working with these languages, I quite enjoyed it. I have started with simple static web pages. But then I came to know that this is a very time-consuming process, especially when we have to deal with fluent technologies like React, React Native, Nextjs, Gatsby and many more for web and mobile development.

Then I came to know about CSS frameworks from our developers. Actually, we don't have to write all the CSS by ourselves. We are provided with frameworks that make it very easy for us to code a single web page.

There are multiple CSS framework options out there to choose from like Bootstrap, Semantic UI, and Foundation. There I came to know about Bulma, the modern CSS framework. Personally, It was a great experience when I first made a website using Bulma. I don't have to write so much CSS and don't even have to bother so much about its mobile responsiveness. If you are new to this industry then Bulma CSS will be best for you.

What is this Framework?

Bulma is a free, open-source framework that provides ready-to-use frontend components that you can easily combine to build responsive web interfaces. This is the definition you will get everywhere.

In my words Bulma is -

  • firstly CSS framework

  • is built by Jeremy Thomas and is fully open source.

  • open-source means its source code is freely available for download and anybody can access it.

  • totally based on flexbox

  • copy-paste ready-made code if and only if you are clear with your basics.

  • provided with an extensive range of built-in features which results in faster turnaround and less CSS code writing.

Benefits of using Bulma CSS -

  • It is easy to learn and understand.

  • It is Modular which means you can select pieces or modules you need for your code.

  • Bulma is fully Compatible.

  • It is 100% CSS. That means the results will be only a CSS file.

  • Bulma is fully responsive. It can be difficult to try to convert a desktop-designed site for use on a mobile device, but with Bulma, it’s not really an issue. Bulma is a mobile-first CSS framework, offering optimum site responsiveness. Build a site one time and watch it work across any device.

  • It is component rich which means it contains almost all components you will need for developing your site including dropdown menus, navigation bars, panels, tabs, and tables.

  • It is well-documented. Bulma provides comprehensive documentation to help you get the necessary and useful components for your sites.

  • It is constantly being updated with newer versions.

Of course, not everyone suddenly starts loving this framework. But once you started, you will use it in every project. CSS provides developers direct control over the look and feel of their site. Bulma CSS grasps that level of control further by simplifying the process and adding an improved level of consistency.

With gaining popularity It is quickly becoming a favorite CSS framework for web developers all around the world. This was all about from my side. I really hope you liked reading this very interesting article. Thank you!