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Blogs! Blogs! Blogs!

I was writing articles/blogs for more than two-three months containing various informative topics. But today, I am not sharing any updates, any technology although, I will talk about Blogs.

So, Here is my blog about Blogs.

It seems like everyone in the tech world is always talking about them, sharing them, telling you to write them. But Before going to write any Blog, firstly, you should know how to write it, what to write, how to make it impressive, how to deal with grammar mistakes and many more to say.

As a Blogger of our Company, Today I will share my personal experience of Blogging. I will also show you the benefits of Blogging. My First Blog was my very worst experience.

But experience/practice makes a man or woman perfect.

As I began to write my first post and read the posts shared by my fellow programmers, I started to see the benefits of the content blog in the tech world. I've found the three best upsides here.

Sharing of knowledge

Learning through teaching

preparing yourself for the professional world

Sharing of knowledge

I always say that knowledge comes from sharing knowledge. So, This is the best upside of Blogging. Here, we share our knowledge with everyone who needs it. Then knowledge can be anything, whether it is related to technology or not.

When it comes to our industry, then we've all been there, staring at a blend of code, hitting our heads against the keyboard, desperate for someone to help us figure out how to tackle the latest problem we've run. And then we turn ourselves to google and find the solution to our problem. There is a good possibility that one of the first results that will come up is a blog post by a fellow programmer who once upon a time was in a related situation and decided to share their knowledge on the solution. In a way, telling us that we are not alone in our struggle and, there was and will be again someone else facing the same issues you faced. It makes you motivated and determined in another way. So always keep in mind that someone will follow your sayings and then make your blog in a helping way.

Sharing the knowledge

Learning through teaching

It always had been said that one of the best ways to solidify your knowledge on a topic is to seek to explain it to someone else. Teaching someone strengthens you to really explore a subject in-depth and remember about it from various angles. It also improves your confidence which results in a way that you are confident enough to apply those skills to your projects. You can grow your skills as a teacher, and in turn, develop your own self-efficacy as a programmer.

Learning through teaching

preparing yourself for the professional world

Nowadays, In the age of zoom interviews, remote work, and slack meetings, our professional persons live more and more on the internet. Posting technical blogs on the subjects you are working on makes you stronger and professional. Regularly posting blogs will allow your fellow experts to see you are active in the profession and let them taste your personality without any face-to-face meet. Having an online presence is more important than ever in the professional world. It will also keep you up-to-date and your knowledge.

Preparing for professional world

I hope this blog post about blog posts has shown the benefits of writing blogs and inspired my fellow friends to take the plunge and make their mark on this community. And next time, whenever you turn to a blog post for guidance, make sure to give your thanks to the writer with a comment or follow.

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